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There will be no charge for the initial meeting.

This meeting will help each other to understand better.

You will get to know about us, our level of service, what you can expect from us, the way we work and of course the basis of our fees and charges.

We will get to know you, your family, your background, what you expect from us, what level of service you want and would be comfortable with, and other relevant things.

FINANCIAL PLANNING: The financial planning fee is a one- time charge that is standardized for a single family with/without dependent parents / siblings. For other cases, the fee is quoted separately depending on the quantum of work involved.

INVESTMENT ADVISORY & MANAGEMENT: For those who only wish to seek advice on investments and/or opinion on their existing portfolio, the charges include a nominal one-time fee for portfolio evaluation and re-alignment.

On ongoing regular basis, it is a percentage of the total portfolio quarterly averaged.

CONSULTING: For clients opting for ONLY CONSULTING, the consultation fees on various personal financial issues and other issues within our scope will be on per meeting basis.

REVIEWS: The review fees generally are very nominal for changes and modifications to be made in the plan. If the changes are substantial and there is vast deviation from the initial plan, then a separate fee is quoted.

OTHER SERVICES: The charges for the other services that are only facilitated by us are on actual basis charged by the other professional experts / service provider.

Financial Planning

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

Specific need based financial planning. (Any two):-

  • Cash flow & Budgeting
  • Insurance analysis
  • Retirement funding
  • Education & Marriage funding
  • Real Estate funding
  • Any other identified goal

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Comprehensive Financial Plan –All aspects of finances i.e. cash flow, net worth, insurance, estate planning, retirement income, children education & marriage funding, etc. and a written plan based on your goals and best strategies.

  • During the first year we analyze all cash flow planning, retirement sufficiency analysis, investment research/recommendations and implementation, intensive goal setting, tax planning, estate planning, insurance reviews., etc.
  • Helping you with the implementation process. Get-It-Done Action Planner.
  • Reviews at your option. However we highly recommend for annual reviews to keep the financial plan on track and make modifications as required.
  • Goal tracking report during reviews.
  • Free E-Newsletters (optional)
  • Unlimited phone calls and e-mail support.

Investment Advisory & Management

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Complete Portfolio Evaluation, Analysis, Asset allocation and Portfolio re-balancing. Investment research and recommendations.

  • Facility to access your consolidated portfolio / investments online 24x7 through our web based platform.
  • Various reports including Portfolio valuation reports, Yearly Long term/Short term capital gains report.
  • Free E-Newsletters (optional)
  • Unlimited phone calls and e-mail support.


On various personal financial issues including, insurance, investments, taxation, estate and inheritance planning, Debt management, Real estate management, legal issues and other related areas within our scope.

Free E-Newsletters (optional)

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