Save money…buy insurance policies ONLINE

We all know now that buying insurance plans online has quite a few good benefits. You can search for insurance policies on the portals and compare various plans from different insurance providers and buy it online too. Other benefits include renewal alerts, online premium payment facility, receive policy documents online, etc.

This also saves you a lot of money by way of substantial lower premiums as the process does not involve any banks/agents/brokers/other intermediaries provided you buy directly from the insurance companies' own portal.

While trying to buy an insurance plan, it is natural to want a listing of premiums offered by all insurers. So we type, "compare insurance plans" in Google and click on one of the first few links, without scrolling down the page.

The trouble is, most (if not all) of the 'popular' insurance comparison portals require activation via mobile. They get your email, mobile no, provide you access only if the mobile number is yours (you need a code sent via sms to get in!). However, these portals would later invade your peace and privacy with messages, emails and calls.

If you don't need a comparison portal, just go to each insurer's website and play around with their calculator .If you don't want to do that and prefer an instantaneous comparison, a portal will help.

While searching I found these two portals quite useful for comparisons without asking you for contact details. You can compare Life insurance, Health insurance, Travel insurance, Critical Illness insurance, Vehicle insurance, etc.  

You can use them for comparisons only. After choosing a suitable policy from the above portals, you can visit the individual insurer's website, cross check the same plan for its correctness and carry out the buy procedure.

Let me categorically state that I do not endorse any of these portals, but it is worth visiting it.

You will find a good comparison of insurance plans both ONLINE and OFFLINE. OFFLINE insurance plans are usually sold by Banks, Insurance Agents/Brokers, etc. whose premiums are much higher than the insurance plans bought ONLINE. Check out the difference between the premiums….it is substantial!

A little bit of effort from your end will make you accumulate a decent sum considering the savings you make in the next 15/20 years term of the policy. The amount could be much higher if you consider investing the difference amount in an equity mutual fund scheme given that time period.


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