How much money you need?

Yesterday a reader sent me his thoughts which makes everyone think. I have reproduced his thoughts below:

"Yesterday, I was driving, and the FM radio went off for few seconds. I thought, I should have an iPod. Then suddenly I realized that I have not used my iPod in last 6 months. More things in my possession are not used, Handy cam in last 2 years, Digital Camera in last 2 months, DVD player in last 1 month and many more.Now I can say that I bought that Handy cam just out of impulse, I have used it twice only in last 4 years.

So, what's wrong and where? When I look at myself or my friends I can see it in everyone's life. We are not happy with what we have. All are  unhappy for the things we don't have. You have a Santro, but you want a City; You have a City, but you want a Skoda. Just after buying a new phone, we need another one. Better laptop, bigger TV, faster car, bigger house, more money, and the list is endless. 
The point is, do we need all this? 
I look at my father back home. He has a simple BPL colour TV, he doesn't need 32" Sony LCD wall mount. He has a cell phone worth Rs 2,500. Whenever I ask him to change the phone, he always says, "It's a phone; I need this just for calls."
Believe me; with those limited resources and simple gadgets, he is much happier in life than me.
The very basic reason why he is happy with so little is, he just wants only those things which are making his life easier and not all that show off stuff. 
There is  a very fine line between these two, but after looking at my father's life style closely, I got the point. He needs a cell phone but not the iPhone. He needs a TV but not the 32" plasma. He needs a car but not an expensive one.
Initially I had lot of questions.
I am earning well; still I am not happy…why?
I have all luxuries; still I am stressed…. ……. why?
I had a great weekend, still I am feeling tired…… why?
I met lot of people, I thought over it again and again, I still don't know if I got the answers, but certainly figured out a few things. May be, many people will call this approach "not progressive attitude", but I want my life back. Ultimately it's a single life, a day gone is a day gone. I believe if I am not happy tonight, I'll never be happy tomorrow morning. I finally realized that meeting friends, spending quality time with your loved one's; spending time with yourself is the most important thing.
If on a Sunday you are alone and you don't have anybody to talk to, then all that luxuries of life, all that money is a waste.I believe in putting our happiness ahead of money. That is the choice we need to make.
I think, a lot can be said and done. What we need the most is re-evaluation of the value of happiness and time we are giving to our life and people associated with it.
Think about it…… Stop worrying about amassing wealth, start finding a  meaning for the money you possess. 
If you delay, it could be very late!!!!!"

A great thought indeed!

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