Cockroaches - decide whether you hate or love


Once a house was infested by cockroaches. Everyone living in the house kept complaining about the pests.

The lord of the house decided to carry out pest control. In doing so the cockroaches began to emerge from every nook and cranny and died. However, because of this exercise the stench of chemicals was felt by the inhabitants long after the pest control drive.

The lord asked them to have patience and assured that in a stipulated time period the stench would die down. But the impatient people kept complaining and also justified that they could have continued to live with the cockroaches but cannot bear this stench any longer. Some also said, "bring back the cockroaches. They were so nice".

This is what we are seeing after demonetisation and this is what I see day in and day out in investors ; complete lack of patience.

In the investment journey, people seek 'high returns' but don't have the stomach to see through periods of market volatility. Why do we forget that life always calls for sacrifices in order for one to reap the benefits from life. Unfortunately, we only aspire to win the rewards and lack the ability to make the sacrifices.

Ours is a society seeking 'instant gratification'. If this is how we are going to be, then let's not hope to see progress. Let's continue to languish in the state we have been in. Be it 'wealth creation' or be it the 'impact of demonetisation', we as investors / citizens too have a role to play. And that is to of showing some patience.Give time to money. Give time to the government.

Let's evaluate after some 'time' has elapsed. Why are we so impatient to arrive at conclusions?

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