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The Founder

Atul Mishra is the founder and proprietor of Amigos Finserv with over a decade of rich experience in the financial services industry. He is a graduate with DBM from NMIMS, Mumbai and holds an Advance Diploma in Business Management from ICFAI University.

He is registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as 'Investment Adviser' under certificate of registration no. INA000004245.

He also holds the following professional qualifications/ certifications:

  • CFPCM - Certified Financial Planner - Financial Planning Standards Board, India.
  • CWM - Chartered Wealth Manager - American Academy of Financial Management, USA.
  • MFP - Master Financial Professional - American Academy of Financial Management, USA.
  • Award in Financial Planning - Chartered Insurance Institute, UK.
  • Also certified by AMFI and NCFM.
  • Investment Advice Diploma (PCA) - Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment,U.K.
  • UK Regulation & Professional Integrity – QCF Level 4
  • Investment, Risk & Taxation – QCF Level 4
  • Private Client Advice - QCF Level 5

What do I do?

I am in the profession of serving my clients with bespoke financial solutions to address their financial challenges. My job is to offer quality advice and solutions that will secure and enhance my client's financial well-being. I do this by using a total case approach. Each part is significant individually and handling them all together is one of the most vital considerations in your complete financial success. By keeping client's objectives in forefront, hand holding in inconvenient situations, facing various market conditions and adjusting as client's personal and financial circumstances change, I strive to maintain a persistent commitment in putting 'CLIENT FIRST'.

I do not chase 'highest return' investments, rather I focus on developing strategies using suitable options that will help my client achieve his objectives, aspirations and dreams keeping in mind his financial risk tolerance.

Why an Independent Advisor?

Independent advisors focus on building deep relationships with their clients. This often takes regular and ongoing interactions. Independent advisor works for YOU and not for any financial product provider. This means that they can research the whole of the market and provide a truly unbiased advice that is aligned to your goals. They have a freedom to choose from a wide range of investment options to tailor their advice based on what could be best for you.

Personalized Service

We do not cater to thousands of clients as is done by large firms where the client just becomes a number for them and have a pre-defined approach for everyone. We only accommodate selective clients who understand and subscribe to our investment philosophy. We customize your portfolio based on your specific needs to make sure that you have the proper financial products working for you. When you engage us, you will experience the difference it makes to have an advisor who understands and cares about helping you meet your goals. It is a personalized ongoing financial planning and investment management services to families, single persons, retired senior citizens, people on the verge of retirement and small business owners.

Understanding Your Concerns

Investments, taxes, insurance, estate planning: the list of financial concerns facing you today is seemingly never-ending, and there are no straight answers.

Before we start preparing a financial plan, we would first want to know about your goals and objectives. We use a financial Risk Profiling Questionnaire to understand how comfortable or wary you are in different situations. A filled in data sheet will spell out your current personal and financial circumstances, your concerns, your goals, your objectives, etc. We may have multiple discussions to truly understand what your thoughts and sentiments are all about.

Customised Approach

There is no 'One size fits all' solution. None of our clients have the same set of goals or investment portfolio. We will customise a portfolio that is appropriate to your goals and objectives. We will re-assess the plan with you to ensure that we cover every aspect of your financial needs. We expect our clients to get involved in the process and to ask as many questions as they need to, so they feel comfortable with the investment strategy or financial plan. Remember, we serve as your guide so that you make the right financial decisions. Feel free with us to put across any queries.

We do not take custody of client assets. We simply advise on investments, insurances, initiate orders/ place trades and request changes on your behalf that would get completed only after your approval.

Ongoing Reviews

It is vital to review your financial plan to ensure that your objectives, financial situation and other factors have not changed. While you may contact us on a regular basis to ask questions on your account, we recommend a full review of your financial plan at least once a year. This involves reviewing all the original information you submitted at the initial engagement meeting to make sure nothing has changed. If it has, then we may have to make modifications accordingly.

How to become a Client

Our approach can help you invest appropriately to maximise the probability of reaching your financial goals, reduce your tax exposure, analyse your insurance needs and help you to plan successfully the transfer of your wealth to your next generation or as per your wish.

If you think this method is logical and understand the worth of creating a holistic financial roadmap that enables you to maximize your wealth and minimize mistakes in the consequent years, then maybe we can work together.

The first step to becoming a client is to get in touch with me for a no obligation meeting. It's just a way to find out how I may be able to assist you and then I will guide you through the process.

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